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Vos Sos Bienvenido, El Graffiti

Another puzzling ad from the conservative mayor of Buenos Aires (other ad here). One would expect the administration responsible for such tight control over the use of city plazas and the presence of homeless people, to be less welcoming...
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Dulce de Leche vs. Dulce de Leche

In Argentina, dulce de leche is so common, you can buy it in any store, and usually have a choice of so many brands and styles, that can leave the indecisive shopper dizzy. Besides the common brands, there are gourmet brands, artisan...
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A better swimsuit policy

Finally the international swimming board has come to its senses. It is banning the use of those high tech all-body suits we came to know in the Olympic Games last year. There are obvious competitive reasons, but more important is how this...
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If Bush were still president

The recent events in the streets of Iran due to the contested election, has possibly done more in one week to inspire “regime change,” than George W. Bush could have ever done. (Regime change in the Middle East had been a...
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A quick take

Various pebbles always find their way to me, as well as other meaningful objects. Algunas cositas y piedritas que me llegan.