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A naive opinion about the Middle East

Without having studied it as much as it deserves, I am taking a stab at a topic that provokes extremely powerful and complex reactions.  My point-of-view may change drastically over time, but I have to start somewhere.  Read more »

Waging war to gain votes

I returned from a 6-week trip to the US the other day. I have been looking for an opportunity to write about the presidential campaign there in this space. Unsure of what exactly to write,  I have had the idea of something with the view...
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One reason why we need Barack Obama

I feel like I am saying the all-too-obvious when I say that Barack Obama’s candidacy is important for racial reasons. In the general campaign he himself has emphasized what he offers aside from his African heritage. Hillary Clinton...
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Where there’s smoke, there’s tofu burgers

One morning last week I first noticed the smell of a campfire. Then the other afternoon as I set out to walk with my dog Clyde there was a thick smoky haze in the air and a strong smell of fire. Enough to irritate my eyes and lungs. I...
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Daily Bias in Politics

First I must state my personal disclaimer. I believe that there is no such thing as “bias-free journalism.” If a journalist or newspaper is doing their job, they must interpret what they see and also decide what or what not to...
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