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Vos sos bienvenido, al infierno

Sunday, May 29, 2011  

Mauricio Macri

Cartel de Mauricio Macri para jefe de gobierno de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. La traducción de la remera dice “Bienvenidos al Infierno.”

This is a photo I snapped of a campaign poster for the re-election of the current mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mauricio Macri is a conservative, pro-big business politician and with this cleaver campaign he is trying to appeal to different types of people. They all contain the slogan “Vos Sos Bienvenido,” or “You are welcome,” without saying what he is welcoming us all to.  The first thing I noticed about this poster of the beefy, tatooed, rocker dude was the pentagram on his t-shirt. But below in English it seems to clarify what Macri is welcoming us to, to hell.

6 comments for “Vos sos bienvenido, al infierno”

  1. javovaz says:

    hola Michael, espero que no te moleste, tomé tu imagen para un post en mi blog, podés verlo en:
    Abrazo! Javo.

  2. Ethan G. Salwen says:

    The whole campaign is really wierd — “Mauricio en la cidudad”, como?? — but this particular version, which I hadn’t seen, really taks the cake. “Welome to Hell”. . .with a matafugo clearly in the blackround. I’m lost, but I think I’ll vote for mauricio anyway, thanks to the Metrobus.

  3. Vos sos bienvenido, al infierno says:

    […] […]

  4. Michael Kay says:

    oh Ethan… vos sos bienvenido pelotudo. when would you ever ride that metrobus that you so praise? I just saw the ad you mentioned with the graffiti artist and a big tag in the background. Now supporting graffiti, that may be a reason to put all your weight behind Mauricio.

  5. nicolas says:

    fools,it’s a shirt of the british heavy metal band “VENOM”,their first album is called “Welcome To Hell”

    this propaganda is aimed to the people that macri in fact didn’t like at all,heavy metal rockers,construction workers from other countries,graffit artists,poors,students,union workers…

    the message is “you’re a piece of shit and we hate you…but you’re welcome”

  6. JP says:

    Well, the message worked. Macri kicked asses in the election.