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Dulce de Leche vs. Dulce de Leche

Thursday, September 9, 2010  

Dulces de LecheIn Argentina, dulce de leche is so common, you can buy it in any store, and usually have a choice of so many brands and styles, that can leave the indecisive shopper dizzy. Besides the common brands, there are gourmet brands, artisan brands, and homemade. I would like to try making it sometime (I hear it’s easy) but dulce de leche is just too available in plently of delicious options that I’d rather dedicate kitchen time to other things.

For a long time, I have been consuming La Serenisima brand’s Estilo Colonial. This big commercial dairy supplies milk, butter, and dulce de leche to every corner of Argentina, and is known for reliable quality. There are cheaper brands and more gourmet brands, but La Serenisima is always a sure bet. They make a few varieties of dulce de leche, and we always have a container of the “Estilo Colonial” variety in the fridge.

I enjoy dulce de leche on toast many mornings, and a few Sundays ago was to be one of those mornings, except we had run out. On Sundays few places are open and the stock at the local mercado was depleted. I found the brand La Sirenisima  there, but not Estilo Colonial. Thus I was confronted with having to choose between two unknowns, “Estilo Actual” and “Repostería.” I chose Estilo Actual (Contemporary Style). It did the trick (zafa bien), but was different.

I wasn’t sure why, and wanted to know better what it was about Estilo Colonial I preferred. This morning, with the container of Estilo Actual running out, I returned to the mecado and bought a new container of Estilo Colonial. I was ready for the taste test. Like back in the day comparing New Coke to Classic Coke, except without the blindfold.

Here are the differences I perceived: In appearance, Estilo Colonial is a slightly darker color and a bit more viscous. Estilo Actual is a bit sweeter while Estilo Colonial has more of that deep caramel flavor, the flavor that to me makes dulce de leche so irresistable. I prefer Classic Coke and I prefer my dulce de leche Estilo Colonial. We survived just fine a month with Estilo Actual, but from now on I’ll be more careful to avoid running out of Estilo Colonial.

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