Argentina, Mixed Bag

Nuts and Bolts

Monday, November 2, 2009  

I walk outside to find a couple nuts and bolts I need. I have the measurement, so it should be no problem. First of all, I am disappointed to be told that in Spanish there is no word for bolt, just a big screw. I guess that the phrase “nuts and bolts” only works in English then.

The other disappointment was that it wasn’t so simple to find what I needed, and I bounce from one hardware store to the next. Finally, I end up at one in the center of the transvestite district, and they have what I need. Ahead of me in line is a trannie buying a padlock. The clerk giggles as she/he leaves. The clerk still giggling tells me that the trannie has not shaved yet. Her boobs were all there, but also a 5-o’clock shadow.

After I pay I head home and pass by the train station. On the side of a newsstand are several porn magazines displayed. (You see that on any newsstand in Buenos Aires.) The headline of a gay one screams out “Hotwired.” I wonder if my former employer from the early dotcom days would have been more successful had we used that name to sell sex.

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