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Interaction Design Association, Buenos Aires (IxDA-BA)

Thursday, June 11, 2009  

These photos are from a meeting at Milion Restaurant in Barrio Norte of the online group of IxDA of Argentina. The IxDA (Interaction Design Association) is an international organization dedicated to professionals who want to make digital media (mostly the Worldwide Web) more human and more usable. The challenges in Argentina are more severe where such practices and support for them are a lot less evolved than in the US and some other countries. We met to discuss these challenges and about launching our own website as a Spanish language resource for these practices.

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2 comments for “Interaction Design Association, Buenos Aires (IxDA-BA)”

  1. manuel says:

    Good catch on the hand gestures! That’s funny.
    Or maybe it is that you enjoy taking photos of people with their hands up?

  2. Gonzalo J. Auza says:


    Muy interesante tu observación sobre los gestos. No lo podría haber notado…