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If Bush were still president

Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

The recent events in the streets of Iran due to the contested election, has possibly done more in one week to inspire “regime change,” than George W. Bush could have ever done. (Regime change in the Middle East had been a stated goal of Bush.) This is a popular movement, and seems very spontaneous. The entire world is watching the people of Iran, and learning how a public can act against a repressive government. These events came more than from the supposed fraud in the election, but a general dissatifiction with a government that has drifted far away from serving its people and has resorted to intimidation as a last resort.

If Bush were still president (and probably if John McCain had been the winner in November), the US response would be lots of  axis-of-evil blabber, accompanied by threats. This would have played perfectly into Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s hands. He would respond with his usual anti-US rhetoric,  mobilizing the public against US meddling. Although there still would have been protests, they would not have been so widespread as we are seeing. Meanwhile Bush would circle the ships near the waters of Iran, and call for international measures. The French government would be upset by the US arrogance and instead of spending energy criticizing the events in Iran, would be in a political fight with the US government.

The US economy may have not been any worse than it is today, but surely more unstable with unprincipled actions. This would be from plenty of aid going to industries and corporations who are friends of Bush and “tough love” going to everyone else. There would be no method to this, and a heightened sense of unease in the US, motivating the public to rally behind Bush in his standoff with Iran. Troops would be diverted from Bagdhad to the Iran border, thus heightening tensions. And in response, Ahmadinejad might start hastily  putting together an imperfect nuclear weapon that would not be able to reach a precise target, but create plenty of havoc.

Ahmadinejad, like the Bush Administration knows how to use fear to control people. Too bad for him his partner in crime is now missing.

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One comment for “If Bush were still president”

  1. Michael Kay says:

    Update: Here is some proof of how Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was looking for tough talk form the US to use to his advantage. His response to Obama, who had stepped up his rhetoric against Iran due to political pressures in the US: