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Still Alive

Monday, December 29, 2008  

Back when I was a teenager, I was mesmerized by the book Alive!. You may know the true story about the crash of a plane of 45 rugby players and students, stranding the survivors high up in the Andes for 72 days of winter. The conditions were impossible to survive but several did. A bit heavy in moments, most shocking were the tales of resorting to eat the flesh of the dead companions as a last resort for survival. But it ends happily, like a good 70′s book should.

However, when you survive a near death experiences, life goes on, and so do its experiences and challenges. I’ve had friends successfully and unsuccessfully pass through these experiences, and have learned from them. And recently I came across this blog from Pedro Algorta, one of the survivors of that crash in the Andes, who until recently had kept his past hidden. You need to browse for what interests you, and most entries are in Spanish, but there are some gems including Pedro’s memories of the experience, related thoughts about life since, and tales from other companions from that time.

Un sobrevivente del choque del avion Uruguayo en la cordillera de los Andes en el año 1972. Su blog cuenta sobre sus recuerdos de eses dias, sus pensiementos com habia siguido una vida después, y cuentos de algunos compañeros del evento. Es una perspectiva como la vida sigue después de sobrevivir una experiencia “near death,”como hay mas de un fin feliz.

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