New web browser: “Flock”

Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

I came across this new browser today, Flock. I haven’t heard much buzz about it yet, but it seems pretty cool. It uses the Mozilla rendering engine (same as Firefox) and adds features such as integration with Facebook, Flickr,, and a few other such sites, plus other features like an integrated clipboard and blog editor. And many Mozilla Add-ons will work with Flock too.

I tried to used the blog editor to post this item, and failed. Well, that may be because it doesn’t specifically support WordPress, which I use. Still, I am wondering what advantage it has, since many options are not available here that I would have by directly editing it in the web page, which I can open in any browser. But the integration with Flickr and Facebook seems more compelling as well-thought-out modules in the browser.

I’ll see how it goes from more use, but at first glance it seems like a good fruit from the Mozilla project being open source.

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