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Macri Declares, La Nelly Responds

Tuesday, March 6, 2007  

Macri y La Neña

I saw this image played all over the news channels last week, and then in the newspapers. My proficiency in the language is not so great that I could understand it all, but figured it was politics as usual here. Mauricio Macri was announcing his candidacy for the head of Buenos Aires in the coming elections this year. But what’s with that little girl there all looking uncomfortable like a hostage with the right-of-center politician? Where are the others from this Villa? Did he bomb the Villa and then take the little girl as a hostage?

Well, of course it was little more than a botched photo op. And I was not the only one to notice. I later saw a poster with the image (of course from an opposition party) that noted that the only way Macri would stand with the people in the Villa would be by standing on a platform to insulate himself. I hadn’t noticed that detail at first, but it is true. (I tried to photograph that poster the next day, but it was in a prime spot near Plaza de Mayo and it had already been covered by several others.)

Then, the ultimate response was from La Nelly, my now favorite daily comic. It is about this hag who finds herself in all sorts of situations, and puts fear into others. It is pretty stupid but very topical. I like it.


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